Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist / Organizer / Judge


Enneagram type 1 are conscientious people who are concerned about how things can be done right and any perfect. They have a strong inner critic, which ensures that they constantly make an effort to live up to the norms and rules more than to do what they really want. This generates a expressions in their language, which is characterized by necessity words like should and would.

Type 1 enjoys doing a good job and focus on details, order and structures.

Enneagram 1 have clear definitions of what is right and wrong, for example, to put their mouth nicely into place when they have laughed or talked. Preferably with a little dismissive nod. They also have rules for what feelings are okay to show and what it's best to keep a lid on (eg. anger, jealousy or shame). It's seen in a little tight body language and the tension in the neck and jaw.

Contributes with:

Ones have a good sense of order and high morale. They live by the motto "duty before pleasure", which means they provide a great effort and does not stop until the job is done

Thrives best with:

Ones thrive best with a clear framework and guidelines so they know what to measure after to do the job properly. This means that clear procedures and an established agenda provides safety and facilitates work in everyday life.


  • Persistent
  • An eye for detail
  • Completes tasks

Change at stress:

When ones are pressed and feel insecure, you get contact with too many feelings, who is also tucked away and remember all the other times when it does not go well.

Change at security:

When ones are at the top and feel quite resourceful and confident, they begin to get lots of ideas and likes to plan events or dream about things they once would like to make.

You are possibly enneagram type 1, if you can recognize the following:

You get your eye on how things could be done in a better way.
You have a strict inner critic that tells you what is right and wrong.
You do a lot to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.
You have high moral standards.
You weigh practical virtues such as high work, honesty, effort and competence.
When others to pass easily away with what you do, you may well be slightly indignant.
You may be worried about having to make decisions, you wonder whether it is the right choice.
You have an intuitive feel for how perfect things could be.
You experience an inner satisfaction of doing something finished down to the last detail.

Your personal path of development:

Ones development is to learn her feelings to know and find that when the so-called wrong or negative feelings are accepted so it means that they are not as dangerous as they previously occurred. When Ones get to know them they can drop them, and drop fixation on everything that is wrong. Instead experiencing a state of serenity and clarity, which allows access to the particular aspect of the forge the state in which everything is perfectly in accordance with a higher order.

Passion: Anger
Fixation: Condemnation
Special ability: Serenity
Essence: Perfect

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