The Enneagram type 3: The Archiver / The Motivator / The Go-Getter


Enneagram type 3 are diligent and efficient people who are concerned with achieving their goals. They need to be successful and have therefore developed flexible acrylate ability to adapt to different situations.

Enneagram type 3 has a very high activity. They often speak quickly and can have many balls in the air at a time. They often forget to take account of themselves because their attention is directed to all tasks to be performed and the objectives to be achieved. This leads to threes when collapsing before they discover that they might need a break.

Their goal-oriented attitude to life is also reflected in their slightly forward leaning "with his nose out of the next target." Many threes have problems with sore lower back as the elderly for the same reason.

Contributes with:

Enneagram type 3 are effective and incredibly good at creating networks and contacts so they always know who to rely on. So even though they have the answers to most, they can quickly get assistance if there is something they do not right.

Thrives best with:

Enneagram type 3 thrive with competition and rapid pace. It is also good with visible rewards and recognitions, such as appointments, award ceremonies and Ersin seller.


  • Effective
  • Many balls in the air
  • Flexible
  • Creates network

Change at stress:

When Enneagram type 3 is emotionally pressured or feel paralyzed, they experience that it is difficult to prioritize - all tasks are equally important and difficult to finish.

Change at security:

When Enneagram type 3 feel resourceful and confident look more realistically at the tasks in relation to the time and the resources actually available. They take the time to analyze.

You are possibly enneagram type 3, if you can recognize the following:

You are eager to perform and be productive.
The important thing for you is to achieve goals, complete tasks and obtain results.
It is important for you to be successful - to avoid failure.
Your heart is in the work and you identify yourself with your job - you are what you do.
You find it easy to ignore your feelings and experiences that you have too little time.
You are good at playing the game and take on the role it takes to reach your goal. You have so called "Chameleon-skills"
You have a hard time doing nothing and relaxing with the daily chores, conversion or other projects.
You provide a great (and eventually totally exhausting) effort.
You are really good at motivating others, and is a good role model.

Your personal path of development:

Enneagram type 3 s development path goes through releasing its fixation on making a good impression and instead be honest with yourself and others about what they can handle. The road is also to make contact with his feelings and work with the belief that one is loved, whether you are successful or not. Through this Type Three experience to make contact with the particular aspect of essen state where The Three know that everything is going in the right direction, and it is not up to the individual to make sure it all. It's okay to be who you are.

Passion: Deception
Fixation: Vanity
Special ability: Honesty
Essence: Hope

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