Enneagram Type 4: The Individualist / Romanticist / Drama queen


Enneagram type 4 is emotional and profound people for whom it's important that life is intense. Therefore, they have an ability to reinforce their impression of experiences so they can really feel that they live.

Fours can swing in mood many times over the course of a day and they know all the nuances of emotions ranging from ecstatic happiness to deep sadness and depression. They often focus on what is lacking and it gives them the ability to put a unique and personal touch to their surroundings.

For Enneagram type 4 is the important thing in life that there is something special and they use their creative skills to make general and everyday into something unique. The need to be special, may prove of taste in clothes with special touches and fours often have a recognizable laughter.

Contributes with:

Enneagram type 4 is good to accommodate others' feelings when they know the feelings in many forms. They use their aesthetic sense to put the icing on the cake as soon as they can get to put a personal stamp on what they are doing.

Thrives best with:

Enneagram type 4 thrives in environments where there is room for individual solutions and which is appreciated on their special abilities to discover it is missing.


  • Creative
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Holds all emotions
  • Attention to the unique

Change at stress:

When Enneagram type 4 is squeezed and feel insecure, they lose touch with their emotions and focus on what they can do for others to become popular again.

Change at security:

When Enneagram type 4 are safe and feel resourceful they easier to stay focused on the matter and get things done in the right way. They have attention to the unique details and perfect aesthetics.

You are possibly enneagram type 4, if you can recognize the following:

You amplifier experiences in your inner world to feel the intensity.
It is important for you with close relatives and close relations to other people.
You have a tendency to yearn for something you think is missing right now.
You have good taste and likes of the extraordinary, to be special.
You are often concerned with how others perceive you and thought reading their mind about you.
You feel that you are living through intense experiences and creative expression.
You rejects general, daily life and routines.
You make normal life more exciting by fantasies and dramatic inner images.
You experience a great depth of feeling life, and you will not be frightened by the feelings of others in emergencies.

Your personal path of development:

Enneagram type 4's development path goes through releasing its fixation on all that's missing and who is wrong and instead use his special ability to experience all equally. By focusing on what is present in the moment and see it as being as good as what's missing will Fireren experience to escape his suffering and make contact with one essen state of being connected to the whole. That everything and everyone is connected in a larger whole.

Passion: Jealousy
Fixation: Longing
Special ability: Equality
Essence: Connectedness

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