Enneagram Type 5: Observer / Specialist / Thinker


Enneagram type 5 is introverted and very private people who like to reflect and think big and visionary thoughts. They have a good overview and enjoy working out from the large lines or headlines.

Fives cherish their personal space from which they can observe other people. They are introverted and use their energy to gather knowledge and information. They have an ability to distance themselves from emotions and can therefore often be objective in turbulent situations.

Fives seen often as aloof and you ask them something, they give short answers. Only the most necessary, customized just for what you asked for.

Contributes with:

Enneagram type 5 is good to stay in control in critical situations. They are visionary and can see along the reach of the otherwise abstract phenomena. Fives likes to hold expert knowledge and is often referred to as specialists.

Thrives best with:

Enneagram type 5 thrive in good time for reflection and it is best if it is possible to retire to be alone.


  • Overview
  • Visionary
  • Objektive
  • Respect

Change at stress:

When Enneagram type 5 is pressed and experience that their borders are violated, attitude becomes superficial problems and suddenly becomes extroverted and talkative, while looking for opportunities to escape.

Change at security:

When Enneagram type 5 are confident and feel on safe ground, they become more dominant and willingly take control. It is easier to express and fulfill their own needs.

You are possibly enneagram type 5, if you can recognize the following:

You need to be alone and not to involve you personally.
You are concerned with gathering knowledge, and understand it in a larger context.
You want to be prepared and like to plan to avoid surprises.
Can make do with very little and avoids any to be dependent on anyone or anything.
You go to a party and experiencing the first real party when you come home.
It is as if you are not present when there are many people around you.
You have an ability to take an objective stance, and allows you to not be influenced by others' opinions or needs.
You have high value on respect and never brings a secret on.

Your personal path of development:

Enneagram type 5 s development path goes through releasing its fixation to rein in his thoughts and feelings and instead start sharing generously of its resources - by itself. Fives will find that there is access to an infinite source of knowledge and energy. It is thereby possible to have contact to the special aspect of essential condition called omniscience: an ability to have contact with a higher intelligence and to see life's contexts.

Passion: Miserliness
Fixation: Reluctant
Special ability: Generosity
Essence: Omniscient

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