Enneagram Type 6: The Realist / Skeptic / Loyalist


Enneagram type 6 is shrewd and loyal people who are eager to analyze and consider the pros and cons.

They focus on what can go wrong, so as to guard against it. They often conceived up to several contingency plans and always has a patch in your bag or an umbrella in the trunk if now it should start to rain.

Sixes has a knack for always being able to take the opposite view of what the other takes to balance or counterbalance. It becomes visible in their often asymmetrical posture. Type six often has a little dry humor. They are experts in irony and is also like self-mocking.

Contributes with:

Enneagram type 6 are good analysts and deal with the situation or topic until all angles are thought through. They have a special ability to read between the lines and that means that they quickly detects hidden agendas.

Thrives best with:

Enneagram type 6 will gladly appreciated for their analytical skills and thrive in an environment where there is room for healthy skepticism.


  • Balance
  • Analyzes
  • Sees many angles
  • Irony and Humor

Change at stress:

When Enneagram type 6 is pressed and feel threatened, they become more active traders and when a lot as they get recognition, but the frustrated over not get to think things through properly.

Change at security:

When Enneagram type 6 are confident and trusting it easier to relax and calm the mind. They will focus on the positive and enjoying the whole.

You are possibly enneagram type 6, if you can recognize the following:

You analyze often all the consequences before making a decision.
You often take the opposite position to balance or counterbalance
It is often you imagine what could go wrong, to guard yourself against it.
Authorities are an issue in your life. Either you believe in them or it makes you rebel against them.
You identify with the case and fights for the weak in society.
You often take yourself wondering about your decision now was the right one.
You're looking for the hidden agendas and motives that may affect cooperation.
You are very loyal and supportive of your friends and / or family.

Your personal path of development:

Enneagram type 6 s development path goes through to get his fixation about doubting herself as well as others. This is done through developing confidence and thus have the courage to do the opposite of what mind otherwise. This experience Six Eren to make contact with the particular aspect of the essence mode, where there is a belief that everything goes well and that there is an overall positive intention behind everything that happens.

Passion: Anxiety
Fixation: Doubt
Special ability: Confidence
Essence: Believe

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