Enneagram Type 7: Enthusiast / Adventurer / Dreamer


Enneagram type 7 are optimistic and imaginative people who are preoccupied with what experiences may develop in the future. They are motivated by all that is new and exciting, and to develop ideas that do not necessarily have to be realized.

Life must for Sevens be fun and interesting. Therefore, they are experts in providing all experiences a positive impact and they are quick to see opportunities for new adventures. Sevens often have a youthful appearance because troubles and loads tend to bypass their attention.

Enneagram type 7 does not like to be locked into contracts and procedures, it is important to constantly have a choice and could jump further. As they expressed in their lively and light body language.

Contributes with:

Enneagram type 7 is very enthusiastic and always have a good idea or a plan up his sleeve. They are good to see the positive in the situation, infecting others with their optimism and commitment.

Thrives best with:

Enneagram type 7 thrive development and options. They like environments outside fixed agendas where daily changes direction and created new initiatives.


  • Upbeat
  • Ability oriented
  • Good motivators
  • Happy

Change at stress:

When Enneagram type 7 is pressed and feel restricted lose their glance and get the experience of "tunnel-vision" as they only have an eye for detail.

Change at security:

When Enneagram type 7 is resourceful and rests in itself, they become more introspective and thoughtful. They pull back and enjoy reflect.

You are possibly enneagram type 7, if you can recognize the following:

You easily fascinated by people, experiences and everything new.
You are looking for stimulation and can at times almost without sleep.
You have a desire to stay in a good mood and is good to spice up a mood.
You always have many options and you will always make sure not to be limited.
You can marvel at people who experience life problematic and heavy.
You use your charm as a first line of defense and avoid conflict by talking you out of it.
You have an incredible ability to put ideas and topics together in a new way.
Your head is full of ideas and plans, and you're fine with not reach them all.

Your personal path of development:

Enneagram type 7's development path goes through to get rid fixation on making plans and thinking about future prospects, and instead be present in the moment, regardless of what it contains. Thus developed the special ability to relate sober reality and Sevens experience to make contact with the particular aspect of essential condition where there is an almost supernatural sensation in the moment, which is a source of endless joy and insight.

Passion: Greed
Fixation: Planning
Special ability: Sobriety
Essence: Sensing

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